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Mark My Words May24

Mark My Words

Mark My Words Bagged Jetta Photography by Chris Cruz Here is a car that we basically stumbled upon. It is one of those clean cars that can sometimes be overlooked, but once you notice it, you don’t stop looking. The owner works at a local Hyundai dealership, buried in a sea of Korean engineering, this little German hides very modestly. That is of course until we spotted it.   She was not so shy once in front of the camera. It was then that we really were able to appreciate the smooth lines, air suspension and great fitment of this car. Take a skim through the mod list and you’ll soon see that there is more than meets the...

Its All In The Details Feb20

Its All In The Details

Its All In The Details Realizing Small Things Make Big Differences Photography by Hector Chacon There are different ways to build a car. You can prepare it to shred through cones at an autocross event, give it the corner balancing and power to weight of a perfect road course car, or throw on several coats of wax and tire shine and take it to every show you can drive (or trailer) it to. Then there is yet another way, however it is a path that is commonly over looked and that is precisely what Karl Izler has done with his MKVI GTI. He built it as VW should have from the factory, using tons of OEM parts and some quality aftermarket bits to...