GM To Test Real Life Transformer Apr01


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GM To Test Real Life Transformer

Does Technology significantly impact our entertainment or has our art finally paved the way for our future? It is an argument that has been talked about for decades. Here at State of Stance we believe that technology is a product of movies. Most of what we’ve come to know as advancements in technology have all been the inspiration of someone’s creative mind for a movie or entertainment program of sorts.

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It comes as no surprise that General Motors is attempting to create a real life transformer. Using Google’s self-driving platform General Motors hopes to test a prototype replicating “Bumble Bee” from the Transformers franchise. The prototype was showcased recently at an Auto Show and created quite the buzz. GM hopes that the prototype completes DOT testing and meets standards for a projected 2016 release.

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Additional information including specifications will be released in a formal Press Release by GM once DOT approval is acquired.

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