2013 December | State of Stance
Kickin it Old School | JPN Garage’s 240Z Dec10

Kickin it Old School | JPN Garage’s 240Z

Kickin it Old School JPN Garage Z Car Photography by Steven Martinez Words by Nelson Queralta Jr Oh boy. Where do I begin? Just look at the photos. That’s Central Florida. That car is within the borders of the United States. I mention that because when I see the photos taken by the very talented Steven Martinez and, I see the car built by the founder of newly-opened JPN Garage Fernando Reyes. All I can think and feel is West Coast style and Japan vibes. Can’t help it. Ok first, let’s start with a little background on the owner of this gem. Fernando is originally from New York and moved to Puerto Rico when he was ten years old. He’s...

BC Racing | Project B-Hate Dec04

BC Racing | Project B-Hate

BC Racing Project B-Hate     Every company in the car scene is known for a certain car:  StanceWork has Mike Burrow’s E28 5 Series, Highwaystar Garage has Manny’s  Subaru, Beardlife has Hert’s RX-7… the list goes on. These cars embody the company they represent. Once upon a time, State of Stance had Sergio Ramirez’s B8 A4. The car turned heads; were it with the Tiffany blue Rotiforms or the always classy CCW’s. Sadly, its time passed and that vehicle lives only as a memory. Albeit a brilliant one. You could say that we have a thing for Audi’s. We probably wouldn’t deny it....