Remix&Hellaflsuh Premier Parking Now Open!

I’m very glad to announce that stateofSTANCE and Simply Clean have teamed up with Remix Events to bring you the Premier Parking section at the Remix/Hellaflush Event.

The stateofSTANCE & Simply Clean Premier Parking section will be setup right next to Hellaflush.
Premier Parking in the stateofSTANCE/Simply Clean section is $40.00 and gets you, your car and a guest into the show.

You must use COUPON CODE: stancewhips to ensure the correct price and parking area. **If you do not use this coupn code, you will be charged $50.00 and placed in a different area of the event.

If you want to be in the Premier Parking stateofSTANCE/Simply Clean section for this event, then click HERE to register.

Q: Will I be able to participate in the show?
A: Yes. This is a show entry like regular registration. The only differnace is you will be parked next to Hellaflush instead of somewhere else in the event.

Q: Will I be part of Hellaflush?
A: No. Hellaflush is holding thier own registration and are only selecting 75 cars. The SOS/SC Premier Parking is so that your car can be parked next to the HF section.

Q: Is SOS or SC selecting cars for this section?
A: No. Premier Parking is open to all that want to be as close to the HF section as possible. Be advised that this is 1st come 1st serve and like any other event. If you want to park together, roll in together!

Q: Is there anything special other than the Premier Parking going on?
A: Yes! stateofSTANCE will be presenting the Best Stance Award and Simply Clean will be presenting the Cleanest Car Award.

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